Marreese Speights ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ if Steph Curry Scored 50 Points in Game 7

by June 19, 2016

The Golden State Warriors left Cleveland with their tails between their legs following a Game 6 debacle, but playing on their home floor with a chance to clinch a second consecutive title tonight, Marreese Speights predicts that Stephen Curry will deliver a huge performance.

The big fella wrote about the defending champs’ calm and confident collective state of mind heading into Game 7, and Curry says he must play the game of his life in the ultimate do-or-die.

The NBA’s reigning MVP has struggled in the Finals—shooting 41.9 percent, averaging 23.5 points, more turnovers than assists—and with a pair of critical teammates ailing (and one out entirely), he welcomes the pressure to carry an even bigger load.

Per The Players’ Tribune:

I got two predictions for you for Sunday. Number 1: All our guys are gonna leave their guts out on the court. Number 2: Steph’s gonna go off on Sunday.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes out and scores 50.


With all the things the media’s been saying about him, and everything on Twitter, I know he’s going to respond. […] I know it.