Matt Barnes on Derek Fisher: ‘We Were Good Friends at One Point’

by October 08, 2015

Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes faced the local media Thursday, and gave his side of the story involving a dust-up with New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher.

The two former teammates used to be good friends, according to Barnes, until his ex-wife apparently came between them.

Barnes reportedly landed a punch in Fisher’s grill last weekend, and there’s no word yet if legal action will be taken by either party.

Per the Commercial Appeal:

“My personal concern always is for my kids, their health, their happiness and their safety,” Barnes said. “Outside of that, I‘m here to focus on basketball. I don’t want to start off by having anything negative so we’ll let the process take place. … All of the real details will come out at some point.”


Barnes and Fisher played together with the Los Angeles Lakers four years ago. […] “We were friends,” Barnes said. “We were good friends at one point.”


“Whatever happened or didn’t happen, he’s a Memphis Grizzly. I love him to death,” Griz coach Dave Joerger said. “If he felt like he was wrong, I would listen, give him advice and support him. If he felt like he was in the right – again, I don’t know what happened – but I support him one thousand percent. Our teams does. It’s life and it’s a behind-closed-doors matter. He’ll deal with it and we’ll support him.”