Matt Barnes: Orlando Not as Good Without Me

by November 16, 2010

Barnes, still salty for not having received a big payday from the Magic (or anywhere else for that matter), gives the team a less than favorable evaluation. From ESPN: “Orlando didn’t offer me a dollar,’ he said of the Orlando Magic, the team he played for last season. ‘But they’re paying for it now. When they played [the] Heat, I saw them get blown out because they couldn’t handle the wings. I feel for the guys on the team but it’s definitely a business.’ Some wounds heal slowly. Scars never fade. Barnes doesn’t bother trying to hide his. ‘Since I got an opportunity to play in Golden State [in 2006-07], I’ve put together four or five solid seasons with no real rewards,’ he said. ‘Luckily I’ve landed here. And when you win everything happens so hopefully good things come from [being here].’ He said it like he meant it. But he also said it like a guy who has been let down before and has learned to trust only in his own effort and abilities. ‘I really wish I knew the answer to it. But I just continue to play hard,’ he said.”