Maverick Carter Says LeBron James Wasn’t Pushed to Rejoin the Cavs

by July 22, 2014

LeBron James’ business partner and right-hand man Maverick Carter discussed The King’s return to Cleveland. According to Carter, though he of course consulted with his tight-knight inner circle, James made the decision to wear a Cavaliers uniform again entirely on his own. Per ESPN:

“This was a decision that LeBron made in his heart,” Carter said. “We didn’t push him to do it. We don’t push him to do anything. If he asks our opinion or what did we think about the pros and the cons, we help him think through it. We don’t push him.”


“Listen,” Carter said, “LeBron’s a 29-year-old man with lots of money, got a wife, two kids, one on the way. He makes his own decisions. He doesn’t need anyone pushing him any way, and a guy like that, you’re not going to push him either way. We’ll help him think through things and help him see through things, but he makes his own decision in his heart. Because, ultimately, he has to live with it. I’m not the one who has to show up and play games for any team.”


Carter said he wasn’t sure if James would have made a different decision if the Heat had beaten San Antonio for the NBA title in June. It would have been Miami’s third championship in four years with LeBron on the team. […] “Logic says how could he not,” Carter said. “You’ve got to go for four. But who knows. The decision about Cleveland was bigger than basketball. It was in his heart.”