Mavs Looking to Reduce Minutes for Dirk, Kidd

Rick Carlisle expects the supporting cast in Dallas to play a bigger role next season. From the Star-Telegram: “Every year before training camp, the Mavericks say the same thing about Dirk Nowitzki — that he will get more help and more rest. And every season, Nowitzki remains the beast of burden for them, ridden hard for 82 games, and then asked to be even better in the playoffs. Rick Carlisle is certain the notion of a more sensible workload for Nowitzki is more than lip service, as the Mavericks get ready for next week’s training camp, which will be Nowitzki’s 13th. Where that help comes from is yet to be determined. But it will happen, the coach firmly believes. It has to … The Mavericks’ future hall of famers are as dependable as any facet of the organization. And they have been durable. But addressing their roles and reducing their playing time is important because the two or three minutes per game saved would make a huge difference in the long run. ‘I think Roddy, J.J. and Jones, plus our young big guys, can all have a greater impact on our season this year,’ Carlisle said. ‘Dirk and Jason, those guys are as dependable as they come. But it’s obvious we have to get their minutes down.'”