Mavs Reportedly Replacing Delonte West With Eddy Curry

Earlier today, the Mavs suspended guard Delonte West indefinitely, and the Dallas Morning News is reporting that West will likely be released from the team shortly. With the empty roster space, Dallas will reportedly scoop up Eddy Curry: “The Mavericks wasted no time filling a need – and the roster spot that will be created when Delonte West is waived – by putting in a waiver claim for veteran NBA center Eddy Curry, a source said. The deadline for finalizing the 15-man roster that will start the season is Monday. The Mavericks have until then to waive West, who is suspended from the team for the time being. … By signing Curry, the Mavericks will have a 16-player roster. But they are expected to jettison West, either by cutting him or finding a willing trade partner, before Monday’s roster deadline. Curry was waived by the Spurs on Tuesday.”