Mavs Trade Jawai to Minny

by October 21, 2009

Dallas, in a cost-cutting move, shipped away Nathan Jawai: “The Mavericks liked Nathan Jawai, even while packing at least 280 pounds. But they didn’t like him enough to pay nearly $1.5 million to keep him. The Australian, considered a nice project for the future, was traded to Minnesota on Tuesday for a future second-round draft pick. It’s a distant future, too. In fact, it will be surprising if the Mavs ever see it. They’ll probably use it as a sweetener for a trade in the future. What they accomplished with the trade was to get rid of a guaranteed contract. And while Mark Cuban had to write a check to Minnesota to cover Jawai’s $735,000 salary this season, he won’t have to pay an extra $735,000 in luxury tax.”