Meet Blake Griffin: Surfer

by August 01, 2011

Blake Griffin tells True Hoop that he’s keeping himself busy during the NBA lockout by becoming a beach bum/surfer dude: “It would really help if you, for instance, have got a mohawk and joined a volleyball league, like Kevin Love. BG: ‘It’s true. He’s doing a service. I might think of something. I just started to try my hand at surfing, actually.’ How’s it going? ‘Not too bad. Kind of easing into it. I’ll let you know if I get any better.’ They’re pretty big waves in California though, right? ‘They’re not bad. Not the best, but better than a lot of other places.’ That’s got to be a surefire sign that you’re an Angelino now. ‘I was never really sure if surfing was against my contract or not. And then it just hit me that I don’t even have a contract right now, and so I said OK, I better get it in while I can.’ You still don’t know if it’s against your contract? ‘When we have a contract … I don’t know. I’ve got to look into that.’ It doesn’t seem that dangerous, though, right? ‘I mean, that’s my thought process. If you fall, you just fall into the water. You know what I mean?'”