Meet Chris Kaman: Scorer

by November 05, 2009

Thanks to a retooled offensive repertoire, the Clippers’ big man is off to a scorching (if surprising) start: “After six seasons in which he averaged 10.4 points a game — including the last two when he was hampered with injuries — Kaman is averaging 22.6 points a game through the first five games of this season. Kaman said that, so far this season, he’s heeding the advice more often and getting more comfortable on outside shots, especially after building an indoor, full-court gym at his home in Grand Rapids, Mich., in the off-season. ‘In the summer I worked a lot on my jump shot, both left- and right-handed hooks, so I knew that was going to be a big part of my game,’ Kaman said. ‘I studied film from the last six years, and have seen what my mistakes have been.’ And what did he learn? ‘I just wasn’t consistent enough [with my shots] and I’d be scared to take them the next game,’ he said.”