Meet Your New Floor General, Boston

by March 10, 2009

With Rajon Rondo out with an ankle injury, it’s Stephon Marbury’s show to run: “Five games into his Celtics career, he looks every bit the new guy who hadn’t played in more than a year. But Marbury expects things to change after he’s had 10 games. ‘Oh, man, I’ll be totally different,’ he said. ‘My mind is sped up right now to learn everything that’s going on. Once I get the system and I start to understand the plays and the defensive sets and what we want out of the offense and the defense – once my game comes around – I think I’ll be way more at ease and my instincts will definitely take over. Mentally is the hard part. You’re trying to do all of the things that you normally do. It’s like my mind is thinking that I can do one thing, but my body’s telling me another thing because I’m just not there as far as having enough games under my belt. I haven’t even played eight games yet, which is a preseason schedule. The more I play, the better I’ll get.'”