Metta World Peace Continues to Be a Mental Health Advocate

by August 02, 2012

Metta World Peace is still delivering his message when it comes to mental health, in an open and deeply honest way. Per the LA Times: “World Peace sat recently in a room at Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA before 13 adults who suffer various mental health disorders. A half-hour later, he gathered with 23 kids with similar issues. World Peace provided them with a simple message: I’m facing the same problems you have. ‘I’m still learning about myself,’ he said. ‘This actually helps me in telling my story so I can continuously improve myself, stay mentally stronger and not let stuff bother me as much as it used to when I was younger. I still make mistakes.’ […] ‘People still see me as erratic and wild at times, but I feel really good with where I’m at right now,’ World Peace told the patients. ‘I still like to have fun and do random things. I’m really comfortable because I address my issues.’ Several minutes passed after World Peace echoed those words, part of a detailed account on how he manages his demons. Dr. Thomas Strouse, medical director at the hospital, then intervened. ‘For those who have never heard Metta talk before, I think it’s so amazing how open he is and how much of himself he’s comfortable sharing with the group,’ Strouse said. […] ‘It’s great he actually goes to hospitals and shakes hands with patients,’ said a patient who says he’s diagnosed with bipolar disorder. ‘It was a very positive experience. It’s helping me get over my stigma.’ World Peace is also trying to get over his. He says he talks with his psychologist, Santhi Periasamy, about everything — frustrations from his play, media scrutiny, his family life, his branding interests. But plenty of the time centered on the aftermath surrounding his incident with James Harden. ‘I was [angry] at how these guys are disrespecting me the last couple of years,’ said World Peace, who averaged a career-low 7.7 points per game on 39.4% shooting last season. ‘I said I’m so furious that I want to bust everybody… She said, Ronny, relax. Just play. Don’t worry about it. Just let the game come to you.'”