Metta World Peace Critical of LeBron James and Chris Bosh in NBA Finals

With the Los Angeles Lakers having long been swept out of the Playoffs, Metta World Peace has had plenty of time to watch basketball on television. And, wouldn’t you know it, but MWP has opinions to share (with his Twitter followers and the media). Metta claims that LeBron James and Chris Bosh aren’t doing enough to gain control of the NBA Finals. Per ESPN: “‘Mentally, the Spurs are strongest right now,’ Metta World Peace said prior to the Heat’s 113-77 loss to the Spurs on Tuesday. ‘I think LeBron and (Chris) Bosh, they want it to be given to them. I don’t think they’re taking it upon themselves like a (Michael) Jordan would have done.’ Referring to the Heat, World Peace added, ‘They do have the best team, but if they don’t play like the best team, they’re going to lose and the Spurs will take advantage of opportunities.’ World Peace also recently tweeted his ‘All Mental-Toughness Team’ of the decade and included Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher, Tim Duncan, Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki, with James being noticeably absent. […] Unheralded Heat starter Mario Chalmers had that type of night in Game 2, scoring a team-high 19 points in Miami’s 19-point rout of a win, but the fifth-year guard disappeared with zero points on 0-for-5 shooting, four fouls and four turnovers Tuesday. ‘Chalmers, he wants it,’ World Peace said. ‘He gets it. He’s not as talented as LeBron, but he has more heart. That’s those Derek Fisher type of players. Players that have more heart that are not as talented and play hard.’ […] ‘Everybody knows I’m a LeBron fan, I always tweet good things about LeBron,’ World Peace said. ‘This is straight as a fan. I’m a fan now. I’m not in the playoffs, so I’m a fan of the game enjoying the playoffs. When I’m in the playoffs, I’m not enjoying anybody. So, as a fan, sometimes to see LeBron not take over, I’m kind of like, ‘Come on, let’s do it.’ His pops went to jail with my older brother. My brother spent 10 years in jail, they were locked up together. I’m a fan of LeBron, so I always want to see him do well and sometimes I’m like, ‘Step it up! Start playing.'”