Metta World Peace Says Carmelo Anthony Should Act Like Kobe Bryant

by February 26, 2014

As a former teammate of both Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant, Metta World Peace thinks Melo would benefit by taking a page out of The Black Mamba’s book. MWP opened up in his own inimitable style about his brief time with the New York Knicks. Per the NY Daily News:

In an ideal Knicks world, according to Metta World Peace, Carmelo Anthony would be a more demanding superstar, Mike Woodson would stand up for himself more and James Dolan, yes that James Dolan, would one day move his baseline seat to the Knicks bench.

“In my opinion, Mr. Dolan has the right personality to be a coach from this standpoint: he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind,” Metta said on Monday. “He commands attention when he speaks to us. And it’s not like if he wanted the job he couldn’t have it. He owns the team.”

Metta will become a free agent on Wednesday and is hoping to land with a contending team. He believes if used properly he can be a serviceable player off the bench. He won a championship with the Lakers and recalls a team that practiced hard and because of that became more unified.

“There were times when me and Kobe (Bryant) would be yelling at each other,” Metta said. “I once told the greatest player ever, ‘You suck.’ Our practices got intense and the next day we’d go out and take it out on the other team.

“But here we are more cautious. In practice with the Knicks I would address some of the issues we were having because I wanted to win. I didn’t hold back. I addressed it. I won’t tell you what it was. But there is a more cautious atmosphere in New York. The players have to be meaner than the media and the fans. You’ve got to be more aggressive and meaner.”

“Kobe doesn’t give a (bleep), he just wants to win,” Metta said. “Melo needs to be more demanding and he needs to see results. The only difference between him and Kobe is that Kobe saw results. When Kobe said something people did that (stuff). Carmelo has no choice but to make it his personality because he’s a great player. There are not too many guys like him.”

Metta says he enjoyed playing for Woodson but says the Knicks’ coach needs to “learn how to tell people to shut the hell up. He’s too receptive to opinions.” In fact, Metta believes Woodson can learn a lesson or two from Dolan, whom Metta enjoyed working for.

“He gave some great speeches,” Metta said. “One time he said something that confused me but for the most part he was great. In Memphis the other day he spoke to us and I was thinking, ‘This guy would make a great coach.’ Hey, when Larry Bird coached Indiana he had Rick Carlisle doing everything behind the scenes. Obama is our President but he has a team of people working behind him. Mr. Dolan could do the same. Why not? I’m going to miss him.”