Metta World Peace Says He Popped Something in His Fibula Earlier This Season

by March 18, 2013

Following his 22-point performance last night, during which he shot 10 of 13 from the field, Metta World Peace said that he credits the sterling shooting to his improving health. MWP claims that he had kept a serious-sounding leg injury secret. Per the LA Daily News: “I didn’t want to make no excuses,’ World Peace said, ‘But I popped something in my [right] fibula, but it didn’t tear.’ This injury apparently happened in the Lakers’ 116-101 loss Jan. 11 to the Oklahoma City Thunder two days after experiencing an injury two days earlier in San Antonio. ‘I took a charge from what’s his name?’ World Peace asked a small group of reporters. ‘Big white guy from San Antonio?’ That would be Spurs center Tiago Splitter. ‘Yeah, Splitter. He kneed me right here in my [right] pelvis,’ World Peace said. ‘Most injuries come from when your pelvis is out of line. Some people don’t know that.’ That apparently contributed to World Peace’s injury against the Thunder. ‘They cause most ACL tears and Achilles stuff. When your pelvis is out of line, it pulls on something else,’ World Peace said. ‘Your pelvis must be aligned and it prevents so many injuries. Luckily I didn’t pop. Luckily I didn’t tear nothing.’ World Peace somehow knew this despite the uncertainty on whether he received an MRI or underwent any other exam with the Lakers’ training staff to confirm this. ‘They tested it so there was no need,’ World Peace said. ‘I think I might have gotten an MRI. I can’t remember. Maybe I did.'”