Metta World Peace’s Brother Says He Can Be the Knicks’ Goon

by July 30, 2013

Metta World Peace (or whatever his new name is going to be) is bringing his playful personality to Gotham, but according to his brother Daniel Artest, MWP’s goonish ways on the court are exactly what the New York Knicks had been missing. Per the NY Post: “The Knicks got beat — and beat up — by the Pacers last May in the playoffs. And they signed World Peace partly with the rugged Pacers in mind. ‘They’ve got a good team but they never had that goon — that defensive goon last season,’’ Daniel said. ‘Someone that’s not afraid. If Ron was on the team, they would have gotten past the Pacers.’ […] ‘I’m not worried [he’s washed up],’ Daniel said. ‘It’s all about heart. The way Ron plays, he will help the Knicks out the way he plays defense and take pressure off Carmelo [Anthony], [who] won’t have to guard the best forward guy anymore. [World Peace] can guard the power forward. He held a lot of power forwards like Zach Randolph, David West and LaMarcus [Aldridge] last season way below their scoring average. He’s still very strong and has a lot of game left.’ […] Daniel still communicates with World Peace virtually every day and claims his brother’s first choice was to play with the Clippers for family reasons after being waived by the Lakers. ‘The Clippers were his first choice,’ Daniel said. ‘He loves L.A. and wanted to stay. But the Clippers had their team ready. The Knicks were the other option. I think it’s awesome. He gets to go back home to finish his career where it started. He’s beloved in New York. Everyone I’ve ever spoken to always said they wanted him to go to the Knicks. He’s putting in all the work this summer to keep Knicks fans happy. They can love you one day and be against you the next if you don’t perform.’ Daniel has been an ardent Spurs fan since he was 10 and tried to orchestrate his brother to San Antonio. Their father, Ron Artest Sr., was in the Navy and always trumped up Spurs legend David Robinson. And Daniel knew fellow New Yorker Lloyd Daniels, who wound up in San Antonio. Daniel said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich expressed interest in his brother during the playoffs. ‘I finally met Popovich, told him I was a big Spurs fan and he said he always liked Ron on his team,’ Daniel said. ‘I relayed the message, tried to convince [World Peace], but my brother didn’t believe me.'”