Michael Beasley: ‘My Future Is So Blurry’

by April 18, 2012

Soon-to-Be restricted free agent Michael Beasley has made it clear that he’d love to return to the Minnesota Timberwolves next season, but he admits that he doesn’t really have a clue what the future holds for his career, and sounds a bit frustrated with his current role. Per the Pioneer Press: “The Wolves forward felt uncomfortable talking about his future with the team and expressed mild frustration over not getting a contract extension before the Jan. 25 deadline. ‘My future is so blurry,’ said Beasley. ‘I don’t have too much to say about next year. It’s frustrating not knowing your situation next year. So many of my friends are certain where they’re going to play next year. They got contract extensions. But that’s how the ball drops.’ […] A week ago, Beasley said he was content to let his contract situation ‘play itself out’ in the offseason. With three games remaining and the Wolves in a stressful late-season slump, Beasley appears to be thinking more about the next phase of his career. The four-year veteran had a lot on his mind before Tuesday’s game, even expressing disappointment in himself for not reaching several goals he set before the season. ‘My goals were set high when I came in this year,’ he said. ‘None of my goals were met. I wanted to be one of the better playmakers on the team, one of the better defenders…the guy to get the team going, the guy to keep the team afloat. It didn’t work out that way.’ Another tough development, Beasley admitted, was his difficulty in adjusting to coming off the bench. […] ‘I can adapt to any role, but I don’t want to get comfortable in a reserve role,’ Beasley said. ‘The reserve role is what the coach wanted, but that’s not really my plans for the future. I see myself as a starter. Now I have to prove it.'”