Michael Beasley’s Rented Porsche Repossessed

by August 06, 2014

Ah, SuperCool Beas … Free agent forward Michael Beasley failed to return a rented Porsche 911 to LAX, forcing the rental agency to reclaim the vehicle with a tow truck in front of the West Hollywood hotel where Beasley was staying Tuesday. Per TMZ:

According to our sources … Beasley picked up the car on July 22 and was supposed to bring it back on July 26, but obviously never did.


We’re told Beasley’s total bill is $1,744.34.


Beasley’s a free agent who recently worked out for the Lakers — and you can see the car’s trunk was filled with size 16 shoes. We’re told the repo guy was nice enough to remove the kicks and leave ’em with the hotel valet.