Michael Jordan Gets $8.9 Million in Endorsement Lawsuit

by August 22, 2015

Michael Jordan was awarded $8.9 million by a federal court on Friday after he won his lawsuit against Dominick’s, a now-defunct grocery store that used his name in a meat advertisement in 2009.

Here’s the ad that ran in a commemorative issue of Sports Illustrated:

MJ, who’s worth over a billion, plans to give the entire settlement to charity.

More from the Chicago Tribune:

The case turned on the two sides’ competing versions of how to calculate the fair market value of the ad. Jordan testified that he signs only long-term deals expected to be worth $10 million and that he would “never” have agreed to the Dominick’s ad, which compared him to a piece of meat and came with a $2-off coupon for steaks.


An expert hired by Dominick’s had calculated that a “hypothetical deal” between the two sides could have been concluded for $126,900.