Michael Jordan: ‘I’m Not Looking to Trade Kemba [Walker]’

Michael Jordan says he’s “not looking to trade” Kemba Walker, but the Charlotte Hornets owner adds that he “would listen to opportunities.”

Jordan says that despite the rumors, he has yet to give up on the Hornets’ best player.

MJ makes no secret of his disappointment with Charlotte’s 19-26 record, but says the season isn’t lost.

Per the Charlotte Observer:

“We bred him, we chose him, we groomed him to be a good player for us,” Jordan said of Walker, who the Hornets drafted ninth overall in 2011, to a great extent because Jordan saw traits in Walker that reminded him of his own playing career.

“I’m not looking to trade Kemba, but I would listen to opportunities.”

Jordan said he reached out to Walker Friday, after these reports became public, to reassure Walker the Hornets are not predisposed to moving him.

“Obviously, the season has been a disappointment so far, and there have been teams asking about players. Also, we’ve been asking about players,” Jordan said, with the NBA’s trade deadline looming Feb. 8. “We ask teams who they like on our roster and they always say Kemba.

“It’s not like we are shopping him. We would not just give him up. I love Kemba Walker. I would not trade him for anything but an All-Star player.”

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