Michael Jordan to Golf With NBA Players He Can’t Talk to

by July 14, 2011

MJ will hit the links with Deron Williams and other NBAers. The Bobcats owner just can’t say a word to them, under NBA lockout rules. From the Charlotte Observer: “Jordan has been cleared by the NBA to play in the American Century charity golf tournament this weekend. But under NBA lockout policy, Jordan can have no interaction with the four current NBA players also participating in the event. The NBA has threatened stiff fines in these situations, and Jordan would be no exception. [Deron] Williams, star point guard of the New Jersey Nets, said he’ll say hi to Jordan if he encounters him, but won’t be offended if Jordan can’t return the gesture. ‘It’s just the rule. It’s what the owners want,’ Williams told media Wednesday. ‘He’s an owner. It’s his rule.'”