Michael Jordan Wants To Bring Another Star To Charlotte This Summer

The Bobcats handed Al Jefferson a 3-year, $51 million contract a year ago, and he proceeded to lead them to the postseason. Charlotte has solid pieces in place to make another Playoff run, but the Bobcats owner, more commonly known as the one and only Michael Jordan, wants to improve the roster before the season kicks off. From ESPN.com:

Jordan said Monday that with three draft picks and more than $13 million to spend in free agency the Hornets are in position to make a “big difference” in upgrading their roster.


“I think we made a difference last year with Big Al [Jefferson] and some of the acquisitions, and I don’t anticipate this year being any different,” Jordan said.


 Behind Jefferson, who was recently named third-team All-NBA, Charlotte made the playoffs for the first time since 2010 — the year Jordan took over as majority owner.


Jordan hopes that Jefferson’s success will persuade other big-name free agents to come to Charlotte.


“I always thought Charlotte was a great destination,” Jordan said. “Big Al has proven that you can come here and make a big difference. Hopefully we can look at that and attract some other superstars.