Michele Roberts Says NBA, NBPA Working On Mental Wellness Program

by February 19, 2018
michele roberts mental health program

Players association director Michele Roberts revealed that the NBPA and NBA are creating a mental wellness program for players.

In an interview with SB Nation’s Paul Flannery, Roberts called it “a shame” that mental wellness in the NBA has been overlooked.

“One of the things we negotiated in the most recent collective bargaining agreement was that the league, together with the union, would devote resources to a mental wellness program.

“It’s in the early stages. We’ve made one hire. We’re in the process of hiring a director. I hoped that we’d have everything up and running by All-Star. Clearly we haven’t, but we want to make sure we get the right staff so that this is the success it needs to be.

“We’re working on it, but it’s a shame that this hasn’t been given attention a long, long time ago.