Mickael Pietrus Frustrated With Lack of Playing Time

by November 05, 2010

It’s the first headache of the year for SVG, who tells the Orlando Sentinel that he doesn’t mind when individual players are angry, so long as the team stays together as a unit: “Frustrated with his dwindling role, Pietrus was pulled out of the game by Van Gundy after just three minutes into the final period during the Magic’s blow-out victory against the Minnesota Timberwolves at Amway Center. Teammates, including co-captain Dwight Howard, tried to calm Pietrus. One player said that MP wanted to be traded if he’s not playing regularly, although MP told me he didn’t want to leave a contender. Van Gundy and Pietrus both confirmed Thursday to the Sentinel that they exchanged words. ‘MP was unhappy about when he went into the game and he was unhappy about me telling him to play defense,’ Van Gundy said. ‘He didn’t like what I was saying and I didn’t like his response, so I took him out of the game.’ … The experimenting at power forward causes chain reactions felt at small forward — Pietrus’ position. Van Gundy already had a sit-down with power forward Ryan Anderson. Anderson expressed his displeasure after seeing Brandon Bass move past him in the rotation. Next game — or next week — it might be another player or two grumbling as Stan carries out his plan. ‘It’s going to be a tough thing for a few of our guys. The good part is we have a flexibility to play different situations, but to do that, somebody has to pay every night,’ Van Gundy said. ‘I guess, as we go along, we’ll see who can handle it and produce. I don’t mind if they are pissed off with me, but I don’t want it translating to their teammates. I need them to stay together as a group.'”