Mike Brown: ‘No Timetable’ for Kobe Bryant’s Return to Action

by April 12, 2012

Kobe Bryant’s left shin injury has had him in street attire for three consecutive games now (two of them being wins), and with a chance to rest his weary body before the postseason begins, Lakers head coach Mike Brown says the team is in no hurry for their superstar guard to don a uniform again. Per NBA.com: “Normally at this time in dealing with an injury, Kobe Bryant would be like a wild animal ready chew off one leg to escape from a steel trap. But sitting out his third straight game due to an inflammation in his left shin, Bryant isn’t getting antsy and bugging Lakers coach Mike Brown to put him back into the lineup and out on the floor. ‘We’re just taking it one day at a time,’ Brown said. ‘There is no timetable on him. He’s been good, which is great. I think he understands it’s one of those things where if he goes out too early he can cancel everything that he’s done up to this point. So he’s being more cautious than anything else.'”