Mike D’Antoni Vows Changes Upon Pau Gasol’s Return

by January 12, 2013

Mike D’Antoni’s use of Pau Gasol has drawn a lot criticism, to put it lightly. Heading into last night’s game against OKC, D’Antoni vowed there will be “a lot of changes” when Gasol returns, including using Gasol inside more often. From the L.A. Daily News: “Whenever he returns, Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni vowed that he will feature Gasol inside more. ‘There’s going to be a lot of changes,’ D’Antoni said, citing the Lakers’ 15-20 record heading into Friday’s game against the Thunder. ‘We have to try to do everything. If that works, we’ll do it in a heartbeat.’ Lakers executive vice president of player personnel Jim Buss suggest Gasol play inside more, but D’Antoni insists the front office hasn’t advised him to make such a move. ‘We talked about it but they let me coach,’ D’Antoi said. ‘It’s pretty evident we’d like to get him more touches down there.'”