Mike D’Antoni vs. New York Media

Had you stayed in Phoenix, Mike, you never would have had to deal with these kinds of headaches: “Mike D’Antoni finally showed his infamous sensitive side which we’ve heard so much about – via coaches, players and fellow media members – prior to Saturday’s pounding at the hands of Zach Randolph and the Memphis Grizzlies. D’Antoni went on a diatribe about his philosophy concerning when and if to foul up three points in the final seconds. I’m still not really sure if I understand his philosophy but D’Antoni took issue with the fact that I had the audacity to question why the Knicks didn’t foul Washington’s JaVale McGee seconds before McGee set up Nick Young for a game-tying three in final seconds of Friday’s overtime win … This is less about D’Antoni’s strategy and more with how he is dealing with the slightest criticism. On Saturday, D’Antoni grew increasingly agitated when he addressed the matter before finally looking at me and saying, ‘Oh that’s right, you’re undefeated as a coach.’ Good one, Mike. You’re absolutely correct. I have never had the privilege of coaching an NBA game and have never been in position to earn $6 million by making such life-or-death choices like deciding when or if to foul up three.”