Mike D’Antoni Wants ‘Melo Chants to Stop at MSG

by February 11, 2011

Whenever the Knicks are stinking up the joint at home, the fans start have begun chanting for Carmelo Anthony. This, evidently, does not sit well with head coach Mike D’Antoni. ESPN has the quotes: “Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni sent a subtle message to fans on Thursday: Stop chanting for Carmelo Anthony; it’s affecting my players. The Knicks coach said the Garden crowd’s chants of ‘We Want Me-Lo’ on Wednesday night had a negative impact on some the Knicks during their loss to the Clippers. ‘It’s not good. There’s no doubt about it,’ D’Antoni said. ‘It affects some of the players without a doubt.’ Knicks fans started the ‘We Want Me-Lo’ chant with about six minutes to play in the third quarter of the Knicks’ 116-108 loss to the Clippers on Wednesday. The Knicks trailed by 16 at the time. The chants continued in the fourth quarter when the game was out of reach.”