Mike Miller is Recruiting Ray Allen to Cleveland

You can never have too many shooters in the NBA. The Cleveland Cavaliers have already re-united LeBron James with two of his old marksmen from Miami, and now Mike Miller is doing his part to persuade free agent Ray Allen to come onboard as well. Per the Miami Herald:

Allen has said he would likely either play with James next season or retire. Either way, he’s not expected to return to Miami.


“We got James Jones, now we’re moving Miami to northeast Ohio,” Miller said on ESPN radio.


Those words will be bitter pills for the Heat and its fans to swallow, especially considering that Miller is such a beloved figure from the team’s golden era. Miller won two championships with the Heat and was a key figure during both title runs. In the end, though, the Heat decided to release Miller only a few weeks after its 2013 championship, using the collective-bargaining agreement’s amnesty clause to wipe Miller’s salary of the books and save millions in luxury taxes last season.