Mike Miller’s Future Up in the Air

by November 10, 2011

Mike Miller doesn’t know if he’ll be back with the Miami Heat once the NBA lockout ends (he’s selling his waterfront home just in case things don’t work out), but says that he’s doing fine after undergoing offseason thumb and shoulder surgeries. From the Sun-Sentinel: “The NBA lockout is real. So is amnesty. And for Mike Miller so is rehab from a pair of offseason surgeries. So, yes, that is Miller’s Hillsboro Shores estate that recently was placed on the market for $9 million. And no, the Miami Heat forward is not looking to move. Or at least is hoping there is no need. The veteran forward said Wednesday he is just taking stock of the current situation in both his career and the NBA. And that means taking stock of his 9,968-square-foot estate with the $180,000 in annual property taxes. ‘It’s a couple of things,’ Miller said. ‘Just preparing myself; never know what can happen.’ Among the expected provisions in the post-lockout NBA is an amnesty clause that would allow each team to remove one contract from its salary-cap and luxury-tax obligations, with that player still receiving his full salary upon his release. … ‘My thumbs aren’t causing any problems,’ he said, with his right thumb injured at the start of last season and his left at the end. ‘Every once in a while, when I go to play I haven’t been able to do the things I wanted to do as far as wrapping them up with the training staff, that’s what’s made it a little more difficult. And I started to lift two months ago after they cleared my shoulder. I finally got to lift again for the first time in a couple of years the way I really wanted to.’ … All the while, the Heat’s amnesty decision looms. ‘If anything happens with the amnesty, this is just going to be a business decision and I can respect that,’ he said. ‘Teams will only get one opportunity to use it. I can respect that part of it.'”