Mike Woodson: New York Knicks ‘Have a Legitimate Shot to Win the Title’

Woodsanity has taken over New York (ok, not really), but with the Knicks playing some of their best ball this season, new head coach Mike Woodson thinks the squad can win it all. (Oy.) Per a wide-ranging Q&A with the NY Post: “Q: Message to Knick fans. A: ‘To be patient with us, stay behind us. Stay behind and be positive and help us push this thing through. Because it’s a total team effort, man. Yeah, you win a title, not for yourselves, but for me, it would be great to bring a title here to New York, man. I think if that ever happened, man, it would be the most unbelievable experience. ’Cause you got Manhattan, all the surrounding boroughs, man, that would just go bananas if you win one. That’s all I think about. I don’t think about anything else. Q: If you make the playoffs, what qualities do you want this team to have when the playoffs begin? A: ‘They have a legitimate shot to win the title. When the playoffs come around, it’s open season. Who’s playing the hardest, the best … who believes that they can really get it done. Homecourt and all that goes out the door. It’s great to have homecourt, but hey, we (2004 Pistons) didn’t have it in the Eastern Conference Final that year, and we ended up beating the Pacers. We didn’t have it in the Finals that year, and we beat the Lakers …and if these guys are honest with themselves, and hold each other accountable, their credibility is rollin’ high, man, anything can happen in a playoff series. Anything.’”