Mike Woodson Unhappy the Knicks Wore Black for Celtics ‘Funeral’

by May 03, 2013

The New York Knicks humiliated themselves in Game 5 by wearing all-black, assuming they were there to bury the Boston Celtics. Heading into tonight’s Game 6 back in Beantown, head coach Mike Woodson is not pleased with the distraction created by his players. Per the NY Times: “I’m a little upset about that,’ Coach Mike Woodson said Thursday, ‘and I’ve addressed that.’ Coming from Woodson, who strenuously avoids criticizing his players in public, this was as strong a statement as there could be. The Knicks have greater concerns after failing twice to close out the series and allowing the Celtics to turn a near sweep into a 3-2 nail-biter. Their 92-86 loss Wednesday would have been troublesome anyway, but it looked much worse given their misplaced confidence. ‘Shenanigans’ is how Celtics forward Jeff Green dismissively referred to the Knicks’ paint-it-black fashion statement. […] No team has ever won a series after losing the first three games, but Carmelo Anthony has never won a Game 6, or played in a Game 7. Everyone is in uncomfortable territory here, and the pressure remained squarely on the Knicks, who were heavily favored in this series, as they prepared for Friday’s Game 6 in Boston. The Celtics have already pushed themselves into rare territory, as one of 12 teams (out of 107) to force a Game 6 after trailing by 3-0, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. Only three teams have ever forced a Game 7. The line between confidence and overconfidence can be seen only after the fact. Win, and be celebrated for your boldness. Lose, and be condemned for your foolishness.”