Mike Woodson Wants the Knicks to Stop Complaining in the Media

Talking to reporters after New York’s humiliating 103-80 loss at home on Monday, Tyson Chandler said the Brooklyn Nets “out-schemed” his spiraling squad. Head coach Mike Woodson doesn’t want his players giving the NY media any more ammunition. (Woodson also briefly addressed Beno Udrih’s trade request.) Per the NY Post:

“I talk about it. I don’t think it’s something you air in the paper,” Woodson said. “You got issues, you hold your coach and your teammates accountable and you air it out amongst yourself.”

Chandler was asked point blank after practice in Greenburgh if the Knicks were lambasting Woodson.

“No. I think we were just discussing the game and what we saw,” Chandler said. “They weren’t … shots at coach. Myself and [Carmelo Anthony], if we had something we wanted to discuss with our head coach, we’ll do so in his office or in the meetings. We were just saying what we saw and that’s that.”

Anthony, though not as direct as Chandler, said the Knicks had no fight, the Nets played to mismatches and forced the Knicks away from the game plan.

“We’re fine. Coach knows me. He knows if I have something to say it’s going to be to him. … Anything I say, I say to them, to their face. But I will be honest about what I saw in the game. But that’s not meant to nit-pick at anybody or send any messages. I’ll send my messages directly,” Chandler said.

[…] “Right now Beno is wearing a Knick uniform,” Woodson said. “And as long as he’s in a Knicks uniform, I expect him to be professional about his approach.”