Mikhail Prokhorov Says His Five-Year Plan For the Nets Was Inspired By Vladimir Lenin

by November 03, 2013

Mikhail Prokhorov has stated he has a five-year plan to get the Brooklyn Nets an NBA Championship, and he told YES Network (transcribed by NetsDaily) about the plan’s hilarious and absurd inspiration: “SK: For you, why is pursuing a Championship so very important? MP: Then what I am doing here? So, because I don’t go halfway on anything. I’ll go to the end. I’ll go all the way. SK: Why did you put a five year timetable on it when you first got here? MP: You know, it was based on the Five Year Plan of Vladimir Lenin. But, it didn’t work good in the Soviet economy, and I hope it will work much better here. SK: What is your response to fans or the media who have had criticisms,  saying ‘You can’t buy a team.’ MP: Just, I agree 100 percent. It’s just impossible to buy a team because if you want to be a real Champion, you need a combination of factors. Of course money, plus you need to have the best people on court and out of court. You need to have a passion. You need to have team spirit. And of course you need tremendous work to do.”