Mikhail Prokhorov Thinks He Can Be Russia’s Prime Minister

by August 12, 2011

Running the New Jersey Nets is clearly not stimulating enough for Mikhail Prokhorov, as he looks to expand his political influence and clout back home in Russia (not letting his lack of experience get in the way.) From the NY Times: “The metals tycoon and New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail D. Prokhorov, whose emergence as a party leader in Russia is one of the brain-teasers of the political season, said on Thursday that he would consider accepting the post of prime minister — but only if he likes the agenda of the incoming president. ‘It seems to me that I could handle the prime minister’s job,’ Mr. Prokhorov said coolly. Coming from a billionaire who has never held public office and whose party appears to be in disarray, the suggestion sounded far-fetched. But Mr. Prokhorov steamed ahead, revealing almost nothing about his platform except for one proposal: That Russia abandon its seven-hundred-year-old currency, the ruble, in favor of the euro.”