Milwaukee Bucks Say They’re Not Tanking

by August 07, 2013

Having gotten rid of Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis, the Milwaukee Bucks’ front office insists they’re not tanking. No, sir. They’re simply getting younger, you see. Per the Journal Sentinel: “Brandon Knight was introduced as the Milwaukee Bucks new point guard on Tuesday, replacing another Brandon (Jennings) after last week’s big trade with the Detroit Pistons. Knight has two years of professional experience but is still just 21 and will not turn 22 until early December. But Bucks general manager John Hammond said the team’s burgeoning youth movement should not be mistaken for surrender. The Bucks are facing a revitalized Central Division with Derrick Rose returning to Chicago, new faces in Cleveland, a strengthened Indiana team hoping to take on Miami, and an improved Detroit team featuring Jennings and Josh Smith. ‘Some people use these words like ‘tanking,’ so to speak,’ Hammond said at a news conference to introduce Knight and small forward Khris Middleton, also acquired in the trade. ‘We’re by no means in that mode whatsoever. We’re trying to remain competitive. I think we can be a competitive team. But also we really want to start focusing on the youth of this team and start talking about things like a championship-caliber team. Can they develop into a core like that? I think they can. We’re going to have to have the right kind of people, people that say I want to be a part of that and I’m going to work hard to become that.’ Hammond said he is confident Knight wants to be an all-star. The Bucks general manager looked directly at Knight and waited for a response. ‘Absolutely,’ Knight said.”