Minnesota Media: Love Will Be Greatest Player in NBA History*

by October 24, 2008


Remember yesterday, when an unfortunate-looking Minnesota sports columnist wrote (essentially) that Kevin Love completely sucks and won’t ever be able to score in the NBA—a premise he based ONE PRESEASON GAME?

I do!

I’m not sure if Pat wrote anything after Kevin’s game last night, when he scored 14 points (on 67 percent shooting, including 50 percent on 3s) AND hit 5 of 5 from the line, AND pulled down 10 boards. And look — a box score to prove it!

The point is not that one pretty good preseason game means Kevin will be a great NBA player — neither I nor the guy who drafted him nor anyone else knows quite how Kevin Love will turn out. The point is that condemning a rookie based on one bad preseason game is absurd.

The point, as it always seems to be, is that people are stupid. Particularly when those people are sports columnists.

Thank you for your time.