Minnesota Timberwolves GM Denies Pau Gasol Trade Rumors

by December 07, 2012

David Kahn faced the media today and refuted a published report claiming that the Minnesota Timberwolves were one of the teams inquiring about Pau Gasol’s availability via trade. According to Kahn, the T-Wolves aren’t interested in dealing for Gasol at the moment (who remains on the shelf due to to knee tendinitis.) Per the Star Tribune: “Kahn said he hasn’t talked to the Lakers since last June. He didn’t say this, but that was when he was talking with the Lakers about a bigger deal that would have brought Gasol here and sent away Derrick Williams, probably to a third team. The latest [rumor] said the Lakers had turned down a Wolves deal built around Williams and Nikola Pekovic. Kahn said he wasn’t upset about the latest rumors because that’s the way the world is these days. But… ‘What bothers me is it has an impact on a team and its players and its family members and it’s not appropriate for that reason, in other words if it’s not real,’ Kahn said.”