MJ Should Keep Taunting Gerald Wallace

by November 26, 2009

If this is the end result, Jordan needs to keep up with the taunts. It might be his sole positive contribution to the Bobcats front-office: “Memo to Michael Jordan: Wanna beat the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday? Then direct some really ugly one-liners at Gerald Wallace. Jordan ragged on Wallace early Wednesday and Wallace took it all out on the Toronto Raptors: Thirty-one points, 13 rebounds, two steals and two blocks. And the team’s widest margin of victory ever – Bobcats 116, Raptors 81. Bobcats managing partner Jordan kept taunting Wallace about missing at the rim early. There was just one way to shut up the boss/tormentor: ‘I got mad – M.J. messed with me,’ Wallace said. ‘He said I might as well have left my left hand at home.”‘