Mo Williams to Miss Two Weeks

by January 20, 2011

More bad news for the Cavs, as their point guard will be in street attire for the next two weeks due to a number of injuries. The News-Herald reports: “Cavaliers point guard Mo Williams received a cortisone shot on Wednesday and will be shut down for a few weeks. He’s missed eight games with assorted groin and hip injuries, including a strained hip flexor, counting the Suns game on Wednesday. ‘We’ll get it right,’ Williams said. ‘With the cortisone (shot), you have to be shut down for a couple weeks before you can do anything. The medicine has to kick in.’ Williams, 28, said he’s still in pain. He started the previous game in Denver, but shut it down after five minutes. He has moderate inflammation. He said surgery is not an option. ‘It’s something that can be long term if you don’t take care of it now,’ Williams said.”