by February 04, 2008

By Sam Rubenstein

What to say, what to say…

I figure I have 50 to 60 more years to go in this lifetime, knock on wood. I will never forget how I felt last night, how I feel now, for the rest of my life. I almost feel like I should just “retire” as a sports fan, because this is as good as it can ever possibly get. You always hear the cliche “Nobody can take our championship away from us” once it has been one. It’s true! The memories of this journey will last forever.

Seriously, what am I supposed to say? I’m a fan of the team that just pulled off the biggest upset in the history of sports, taking down an undefeated team for the ages, which is no more. For me, everything going forward is anti-climactic, except when I get to think about the Giants miracle run.

I never believed until Belicheater was walking off the field with time still on the clock. Even after the Plaxico TD, I was yelling at people in my apartment to settle down…

And then the guy from Penn State that Ryan wouldn’t shut up about, just violated Brady, reducing Mr. Perfect into throwing the ball 60 yards in the air into double coverage. I really still can’t believe this has happened.

And Eli Manning… ELI MANNING!!! Today’s world is so much about people screaming insults at each other, or trying to be as hateful and sensational as possible. Eli took so much abuse – from myself and all of my friends, and from everyone that has ever seen him play football – and he never got off the high road. He never stooped to our level, he just kept working hard, performed on stages that were supposed to be too big for little brother, delivered impossible results.

That play with David Tyree… (DAVID TYREE!!!) I have never seen anything like that in my life.

The Giants defense, in particular the D-Line… you ain’t so pretty no more Tommy Boy!

One man believed in Eli all along. His name is Khalid Salaam, who before the playoffs jokingly said “Eli Manning Super Bowl MVP.” Thank you Khalid! I do remember a few weeks ago Lang was being his bitter self, and he even said “You guys are acting like you won the Super Bowl…” Ooooooh, you better call in sick today. The hate from Salaam and Whitaker, as they cheered for Bill Simmons’ Patriots was a powerful aide to the timeless world champion GMEN.

But enough about them, as they fall by the wayside just like the “Greatest Team of All-Time.”
There was the drinking of the champagne in the house of Rubenstein. My friend’s fiance brought cupcakes with plastic Super Bowl rings to the party. I have my ring. LIFE IS AWESOME!

Thank to you everyone who sent congratulatory emails, facebook messages, text messages, voicemail messages, etc.

So, Kobe got a teammate… Lots of stuff from Holly coming if it’s not up already. You never have to hear about football again from me, unless I’m caught up in reminiscing about the greatest win in history of battle!

I will be late to work tomorrow cause I’ve got a PARADE to attend.

PHOTO UPDATES. Ben Osborne and I celebrate.

And a close-up of the victory cupcakes: