More Players, Owners to Attend Saturday’s NBA Labor Talks

by November 04, 2011

Saturday’s renewed talks will likely need to take place in a larger room, as more players and team owners are expected to be in attendance. Should be a hell of a meeting. From the Boston Herald: “Players beyond the executive committee are expected to attend, and there could be greater participation on the owners’ side, as well, as they try to end the lockout and reach a new collective bargaining agreement. This may be an effort to make things more transparent in response to inside questions about the directions the two leaderships have been taking. It could also be a show of solidarity from each side amid reports of fractures. One source said he has no idea what to expect from the expanded session. ‘It could be that everyone gets together and cooler heads rule the day,’ he said. ‘Or it could be one of those battle royales from wrestling. We could see players and owners being thrown over the top rope and out the hotel windows.'”