‘More Than Likely’ Phil Jackson Won’t Return

by October 31, 2010

According to his boss and girlfriend, Jeanie Buss, Phil Jackson’s time as head coach of the L.A. Lakers is winding down. ESPNLA has more: “While promoting her upcoming book ‘Laker Girl,’ Lakers vice president of business operations and Phil Jackson’s longtime girlfriend Jeanie Buss said nothing is set in stone regarding the Lakers coach’s future, but she explained the mindset behind presenting this season as his last. ‘I think it’s really important to him to let these guys know that more than likely, he will not be back. It’s weird how history repeats itself, but he left the Bulls as the league went into a labor dispute. Maybe that’s part of it. The urgency is this year. Don’t think we have time to win any more championships [together]. This is really the last one,’ Buss said to ESPNLA.com’s Brian and Andy Kamenetzky on Thursday. ‘I think it’s really, really important, because you can’t leave on a note where you feel like you left something on the table, where you feel like you did everything you could to be there in the Finals,” Buss continued. “That’s a hard note to leave on and to retire off of. I think he really wants them to take him seriously and leave the speculation of ‘maybe, maybe not,’ whatever. [But] this is probably going to be his last year,’ Buss said.”