Nate Robinson on Dunk Contest: ‘They Set it Up For Blake to Win’’s Steve Aschburner reports: “Clippers forward Blake Griffin, who has turned the first half of the 2010-11 season into one big commerical for the dunkathon at Staples Center next month, is Robinson’s pick. Rather cynically, in fact. ‘Of course. They set it up like that. They set it up for Blake to win it like that,’ Robinson said before the Boston Celtics faced the Chicago Bulls Saturday night at United Center. B-b-but why would the almighty ‘they’ do that? Because it’s in L.A.? Because Griffin is the likely Rookie of the Year? Because he finally has given the Clippers a budding star with national and global marketing appeal? ‘Everything. It’s all set up,’ said the Celtics’ guard, who ‘retired’ from the dunk contest after winning in Dallas last February. ‘But we’ll see. I’m not saying he can’t dunk, because he can. Though we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully the guys that are in there with him will give him some competition and put on a show. Because that’s all it’s for — it’s a show. That’s the whole meaning of the dunk contest.'”