Nate Robinson Wants the Nets to Love Terrence Williams More

TWill‘s best bud wants his employer to shower him with a bit more love, which they are unlikely to do. Fear not though, Nets fans, because Nate Robinson will keep loving him. The NY Daily News has the hilarious quotes: Avery Johnson said he’ll announce his plans for Terrence Williams Friday – and whether or not the 11th overall pick in 2009 will wear a Nets’ uniform again – three days after he placed the versatile shooting guard on the inactive list and left him home for two games because of “repeated violations of team policy.” Although Johnson refused to divulge specifics about the violations, a source indicated the root of the problem is Williams’ punctuality, or lack thereof. But while Williams’ transgressions trace back to last season when he was benched for missing the team bus, the 23-year-old’s best friend in the league, Celtics guard Nate Robinson, said the Nets are just as culpable for not helping out a young player still trying to get used to the daily grind. ‘That’s not what real teams do. I’ve known him since he was seven years old,’ Robinson said. ‘For me, all I can do is talk to him the best way I know how – talk to him and be that brother for him. Because I’m going to love him regardless. I’m going to love him at his worst and I’m going to love him at his best and I feel the Nets are not doing that. Whenever somebody has a problem you’re supposed to pick them up no matter what.'”