NBA Approves Draft Lottery Reform, Player Rest Guidelines

by September 28, 2017
nba draft lottery reform rest

The NBA’s Board of Governors passed legislation on draft lottery reform and player rest guidelines on Thursday, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The new draft lottery rules—which aims to disincentivize tanking—flatten the odds for the League’s worst teams.

Under the new rest regulations, Commissioner Adam Silver will be able to fine teams for sitting healthy players.

In the new resting legislation, Silver will have the discretionary ability to fine teams for resting players in several instances, including sitting multiple players outside of unusual circumstances in a single game, and healthy players in nationally televised ESPN, ABC and TNT games.


When teams decide to rest players in games, they’ll be encouraged to do so for home instead of away games. Star players sitting out are expected to be on the bench during games and encouraged to be accessible to fans for interaction before the game.

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