NBA Changes Decision and Allows Players to Wear Neck Tape

by November 07, 2013

Tape-Gate came and went rather quickly on Wednesday. The NBA reversed its ban on players wearing Kinesio tape for sore necks. Derrick Rose and others can now put it back on. Per the Chicago Sun-Times: “Later in the afternoon, the Bulls were informed that the league changed its mind, and Rose could go back to the tape. His decision? No thanks. Coach Tom Thibodeau seemed amused by the non-story that turned into a story. ‘Well, you do what the league says,’ Thibodeau said. ‘What they allow you to do is what you have to do. They cleared it. ‘I guess they got approval from the medical people in the league office, so it’s good.’ All Thibodeau cared about was that Rose was happy with the decision. If wearing black tape on the back of his neck makes him more comfortable, Thibodeau wasn’t about to stand in the way. ‘Yes, anything that makes him more comfortable, I’m in favor of,’ Thibodeau said.”