NBA Coaches to Throw NFL-Style Challenge Flags in the Future?

by April 22, 2011

David Stern knows his refs are under fire once again — how could he not? — and hints that the NBA may employ replay officials, and that coaches may be allowed to throw the proverbial challenge flag on questionable calls at some point in the future. From the NY Daily News: “With referees again under heavy criticism for their officiating during the playoffs, commissioner David Stern hinted Thursday that the NBA may adopt new rules for disputed calls, including NFL-style challenges. ‘Eventually, you may have someone sitting at a desk rather than having a discussion of three referees every time there’s a disputed play,’ Stern said. ‘We might have one person whose job it is to keep the headphones on and always watch. And you might let a coach throw the flag in the last two minutes. We’re striving for accuracy. We have to find a way to speed the game up, and to get it right. That’s the most important … ‘The officiating has been how officiating is,’ Stern said. ‘We have this issue. We have humans that officiate our games and they don’t catch everything. But they’re the best at what they do.'”