NBA to Crack Down on Groin Shots

Way to go, Draymond Green.

The NBA will start taking a closer look at a problem almost single-handledly created by the All-Star forward during last season’s Playoffs.

The League is also going to increase its monitoring of traveling violations, following complaints from coaches.

Per the AP:

The hits to the groin — termed “unnatural acts” by the league — are a point of emphasis after a number of situations involving Green during the postseason. Golden State’s All-Star forward had a habit of flailing his arms or legs and a few times made contact with opponents in the groin area.


He was finally suspended after hitting Cleveland’s LeBron James during the finals and missed Game 5 because of an accumulation of flagrant foul points. Cleveland rallied to beat Golden State for the title in seven games.


Joe Borgia, the NBA senior vice president of replay and referee operations, said players are no longer just swinging their arms in attempt to draw a foul when taking a shot. […] “Now all of a sudden legs are coming out in different directions at weird times, they’re coming higher,” he said. “Well, for the protection of the players, we’re going to stop it.”