NBA Denies Lil Wayne Ban; Chris Bosh’s Wife Responds

by February 19, 2013

The long-simmering (and one-sided) beef between Lil Wayne and the Miami Heat has reached such ridiculous levels, that the NBA was forced to issue a denial of the rapper’s recent claim that he’s been banned from League events. Following a not-so-pleasant rant that targeted Heat’s three stars over the weekend, Chris Bosh’s wife tweeted out what seemed to be some passive-aggressive responses. The Miami Herald has more: “Bad blood exploded over the weekend because the hip-hop star claimed during the NBA All-Star Weekend that he’s been banned from all NBA games— thanks to a complaint filed by the Heat. But league Senior Vice President Tim Frank said Monday night that was ‘not true.’ Meanwhile, the more tawdry allegation made by Lil Wayne in his rant against the Heat and the NBA — that he slept with Bosh’s wife, Adrienne Williams — spread on social media and on sports talk radio. On Tuesday, Williams retweeted positive messages in response to the allegations, including one from Dwyane Wade’s girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union: ‘Some people attack those who have the peace & joy they wish they had! Pay them no mind! Live your dream, strut & wave.’ But reports that the petite model and Lil Wayne did know each other a while back from Atlanta’s nightlife scene. Whether they had a physical relationship is unclear. ‘ […] The brouhaha escalated over the weekend in Houston, when Weezy blasted the Heat and its star players from the stage at a birthday celebration for fellow Young Money rapper ‘Birdman’ following the NBA All-Star Weekend. He even persuaded the audience to repeat the F-bomb phrases. ‘When I say f—, you say NBA! When I say f—, you say Miami Heat!’ he said as he performed in front of a packed house. ‘F– LeBron! F— She Wade! F— Chris Bosh! F— all y’all!’ In something reminiscent of Tupac vs. Biggie Beef, Lil Wayne ended his rant by saying, ‘I f—ed Chris Bosh wife!'”