NBA GMs Love Kevin Durant

by October 06, 2010

Results from the annual survey of NBA general managers are in, and they say KD is the player they’d want to build a franchise around the most. From “While every other franchise had to be envious of Miami’s free agency haul, Oklahoma City has the guy that the top basketball minds want most. A few weeks after Durant returned from Istanbul, more than half of league’s GMs said that he was the guy that they would want to start a franchise. Durant is 22 years old now. Howard turns 25 in early December and James turns 26 a few weeks after that. Dwyane Wade, who received a vote this season, is 28. Bryant, who is still earning votes on the franchise question, is 32. But clearly, the votes for Durant were about more than just age. They were also about his skill, his work ethic, his competitiveness, and the potential for him to be one of the greatest scorers in NBA history.”